Classic Lawn Darts

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Okay, they're not your classic lawn dart that made you get your Dad to take your brother to emergency but do you really want to hear the story at every family get together. Unlike the older darts, there's no fear of flying metal spikes. These dart-tips are made of soft, round, rubber.

Grab the dart by the tail, swing it underhand, and release it high up into the air.

Classic Lawn Darts

Set of lawn darts with rubber tips instead of spikes

Kids have a blast aiming, tossing, and trying to win

A great activity for summertime picnics or playing in the park

Simple and fun to throw

Darts fly smoothly through the air

Includes 4 lawn darts (2 blue 2 red), 2 target rings

Detailed game rules and tips for tossing included

Safe and fun for all ages

Durable construction; strong materials

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