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This giant version of the classic Snakes and Ladders board game puts YOU in the heart of the game, where you move up the ladders and down the snakes. We have also added some new features for extra fun! Specially designed to provide active fun for all ages 3 and over. Also know as Giant Chutes and Ladders.
Contains:1 - Giant 10' x 10' (3m x 3m) heavy duty square playing mat, 8 hold down pegs and 1 giant inflatable die.
How to Play: (Official rules)
  1. Get ready for fun! Unfold the giant mat and lay flat, away from sharp objects. Use the pegs provided to secure the mat to the lawn if you're playing in the garden. Blow up the inflatable die and you're ready to play.
  2. To decide the order of play, take turns to throw the dice. Whoever rolls the highest number goes first, with the remaining players following according to the numbers they have thrown. (Optional: Go by age, youngest to oldest)
  3. On your turn to play, throw the dice and move forward on the mat that number of squares, starting from square 1.
  4. If you end up on the foot of a ladder, move up the ladder to the square at the top. If you end up on the head of a snake, then slide back down to its tail.
  5. If you land on a "Sting Square" you can swap places with any other player on the board. But even if you're in the lead you MUST swap with someone!
  6. If you land on a "Double Dice" square on your next throw of the dice your sore counts double. But you MUST double up your score even if it means you reach the winner square and then have to bounce backwards!
  7. If you land on a "Stand on one leg Square" then you must do exactly that until your next throw of the dice. If any other part of your body touches the ground before your next turn, you must more backwards the value of the dice you throw.
To WIN the game:
You must throw exactly the right number to get home. If you roll a higher number, you must move forward onto the winner's square and then move backwards using the full value of the dice thrown.
The first player to finish their turn on the home square is the winner. (Optional: Do not use the following rule and whoever get their first is the winner.)

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