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RECHARGE. REPAIR. RECOVER. Revitalize your core and restabilize your body with the HYPERICE Back Wrap - a great multi-layered compression wrap to help in the prevention and rehabilitation of back pain and inflammation. This wrap allows you to rebuild from the centre, and return to balance. Ultimately, it is also designed for the treatment and/or prevention of: back pain associated with any of the following: soreness, stiffness, spasms, overuse, strain, arthritis, SI joint pain, and sciatica.


  • Complete back Ice Therapy featuring a two-layered premium-grade neoprene compression wrap with plush finish and industry-leading Ice Cell technology
  • Patented Ice Cell features exclusive Air Release Valve Technology to maximize compression
  • Flexible Ice Cell conforms to the body's contours, maximizing the points of contact while the compression sleeve provides optimal compression while maintaining a comfortable fit
  • Non-restrictive design allows for greater range of motion and mobility while icing
  • HYPERICE products are all tested, used and personally endorsed by professional athletes like Blake Griffin, Troy Polamalu, Hope Solo and Rudy Gay



  • Two-layer design for maximum compression
    • Layer 1: 3mm premium grade compression neoprene base layer with plush finish
    • Layer 2: 3mm premium grade compression neoprene tension layer
  • Provides optimal compression and support while maintaining a comfortable fit
  • Machine Washable


  • Built in air release valve enables maximum compression
  • Ultra-thin, durable cell "skin" for rapid cold transfer and depth of penetration
  • Flexible Ice Cell conforms to the body's contours, maximizing the points of contact
  • Antimicrobial cell "skin" prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria, fungi)
  • Easy to load, wide mouth opening
  • Built in water tight seal provides resistance against leaks
  • Flange collar design locks ice cell into place for stability
  • 10" X 10" icing surface area

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