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It’s fast, fun and a 2 minute game is a terrific workout, perfect for recess. Junior Schlockey is a playground game for all ages, all skill levels, co-ed and mass participation. Made from polyboard, Outdoor Schlockey™ is sturdy, weatherproof, 100% maintenance free, environmentally friendly and takes up halfthe storage space of the original Schlockey.
The set includes 2 wood sticks (Schlockey schticks), 2 pucks and complete instructions to play.
Size: 28” x 52” x 3.5” (high)


Outdoor Schlockey is a fast paced, action packed and exciting game played with bladeless “Schlockey schticks”. The arena has 3.5” high side boards, end boards and a centre line that contains two puck ports (the openings). Only participating players are allowed in the playing area with spectators and waiting players remaining in the viewing area. The players then touch sticks three times, saying N.H.L, or 1,2,3. At the third tap, players go for the puck which falls into one side. The players then shuffle back and forth through the openings trying to shoot the puck through their opponent’s end board hole (ie. goal net).

Players can only put sticks on the surface. No body parts allowed in the arena


To have fun and encourage sportsmanship and fair play
To encourage constructive, co-operative play
To provide entertainment and excitement for students at recess, noon hour or other unstructured play times
To allow participants to use their natural competitive tendencies in a positive way
To provide opportunities for socializing
To provide a co-educational activity
There will be no high sticks, swinging of sticks or any other abuse of the equipment
Players may play only one game and then switch with other players. The only exception is when there is no one waiting in line.
There will be no jamming of sticks into the holes or blocking of a hole with a stick
No foul language will be tolerated
Good sportmanship is expected by all participants

Junior Outdoor Schlockey is recommended as an outdoor activity only. Our outdoor version is made lighter and more portable than original schlockey by removing the base wood.

Junior Outdoor Schlockey can be adopted for indoor use by purchasing a 4’ x 8’ plywood sheet in 1/4” or 5/8” thickness. The plywood is then cut to fit each half of the game and screwed in from the bottom.

Screws must be countersunk to avoid indoor floor damage. Note this would add an additional 40 lbs to your unit.

Recycle old hockey sticks into the future. Replacement pucks are available if they get misplaced. But there is no need to re-order wood sticks when the original sticks are used up. Simply have students bring in their “broken hockey sticks” and champion the perpetual recycling activity.

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