Me & My Day Thumball - French Version

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Mon Jour et Moi - Me & My Day Thumball – French Version! All ages. Throw it. Catch it. Respond to the panel under your thumb. A fun icebreaker for all ages! Get the conversation going & bring language to life in your classroom or any setting with interactive questions and answers! One blank panel for writing your own prompt!
How to use the Me & My Day Thumball:
Easy: Answer the question found under your thumb.
Hard: Ask another player the question.
Difficult: Predict the answer another player would give.
Challenge: Recall the answers given by other players.
The Me & My Day Thumball has 32 panels and is a 4" diameter soft ball
What is Thumball? Thumballs are either 12 or 32 panel soft colourful balls used to delevelop some of the following skills. These balls can bring a classroom alive whether it be kids or adults by stimulating conversation through improved social interactions. Thumballs can adapt to various levels of interaction by ways of asking different questions about the panel you have under your thumb.
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