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Everything you need for a company badminton tournament or set it up in your backyard. The Pro Badminton Set comes with 1 1/2" telescopic aluminum poles, a guyline tension system with 10" steel stakes to ensure the 21' professional net will stay taut during play. It also comes with 4 - steel badminton racquets, 3 - A Grade shuttlecocks, pre measured boundary lines and a nice equipment bag to store everything in if you want to take it down (maybe in winter).

Includes the following items:

1-1/2" 3-Piece telescopic, aluminum poles
Official 21' net - 1" top tape, 6" side sleeves
3/16" Guylines with tension rings
4 - 10" ABS ground stakes
3/16" Pre-measured boundary and cord winder
4 - Aluminum frame/steel shaft racquets and 3 - A-Grade shuttlecocks (Nylon with cork tips)
Nylon equipment bag

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