PRO Hockey Sticks Set (12)

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Shaft guaranteed industructable!  Pro 52" Hockey Stick Set
If a C6 shaft ever breaks we'll replace it with two new ones. Tough, rigid stick specially designed to take the force of rugged play. High-density poly outershell is impervious to impact, 1/2" fiberglass solid rod provides rigidity and strength and maintains integrity even at below freezing temperatures. The Standard (SB-76) blade is used to improve control and is firmly secured with two screws. The no-slip butt-end, double stapled to the shaft, gives a safe, firm grip. Ideal for grades 10+.
Choose from 6 red and 6 blue sticks, 2 plastisol pucks and 2 no bounce plastisol balls or 5 red and 5 blue sticks, 2 goalie sticks, 2 plastisol pucks and 2 no bounce plastisol balls.  
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