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Put your ankle in the 5.5" (14cm) ring and start swinging your leg to get the ball moving. Playing ankle skip will increase individual jumping skills and help co-ordination. The plastic airflow ball is on a 18" (46cm) cord.
This has many different names such as hop ball, ankle hop, skip ball, jump skip or even hopper skip.
Set of 6 different colors.
How to get started:
  1. Place one foot into the loop at the ankle
  2. Start with the ball extended to the side and back of the foot. Swing the loop foot out and forward into a small circling motion. The ball will spin around that foot.
  3. As the ball comes around toward the other foot put your weight on the loop foot and lift the other foot so the ball may pass under.
  4. Continue the ball swinging on one foot as you jump over it with the other foot using a sort of run in place action.
  5. With practice you'll be able to run forward as you hop over the rotating ball.
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