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Strategy, skill and a some luck combine in our giant version of this well known game that is played like a Giant Connect 4 Game.

Take turns to drop your colored discs into the frame and try to connect four in a row while stopping your opponent from doing the same. Standing at approximately 1.3m (4ft) tall, this game certainly makes a big impact and is great fun for players and spectators alike.

Each Up 4 It contains:

1 - Giant Up 4 It stand (approximately 60" long x 43" tall x 11" wide

21 - Yellow discs

21 - Red discs

1 - Assembly and play instruction (variations not included)


  1. Add letters to the discs and drop them in and use it to play a Giant Boggle Game.
  2. Add numbers to the discs and have students perform different math problems.
  3. Use it as a giant scoreboard, use the discs as floor hockey pucks for primary grades.

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