Wooden 10 pin Scatter Set

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Set the pins up and take turns knocking them down, each person has one underarm throw scoring the number indicated on the pin knocked down. Knock down more than one pin and you score the number of pins knocked down not the value of each pin. Players get one throw per turn, their score is then recorded, then it is the next player's turn. The pins are reset upright from where they fell!

Winner of the Scatter Game is the first person to score exactly 50. If a player goes above 50 they return to a score of 25 for their next turn.
This is not only a fun game for adults but can become a mathamatical educational game for children with the adding and subtracting of numbers.

The game includes the following:
10 - Numbered Hardwood pins from 1 to 10
1 - Throwing Pin
1 - Nylon Cotton Storage bag

The Scatter Set is also known as Molkky, Smite or Skattles.
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